Monday, September 16, 2013

My, how things have changed.

When nearly 4 years passes between blog posts, things are bound to be quite different.  Rather than fill a post with the play-by-play of the time gone by, I'm just going to start from here and move forward.

Today is Monday September 6, 2013.  I would like to use this space to explore the things that run around in my head.  My brain is clearer and calmer if I export as much as possible.  Over the years, I've discovered that I don't necessarily need to talk things through with people, I just need to get the abstract thoughts and questions into a clear sentence or paragraph.  Once I have done that, I can either let it go or I can use it in my life in a clear way.

I do enjoy feedback from the folks in my life so I hope to write regularly in order to gain a consistent readership.  If it is possible to do that without facebook, that is the route I choose.  Please let me know if you're reading and add whatever thoughts you have.


  1. Of course, I'm reading. You're a good writer and I hope you get all you need from the expression. Momma

  2. What's the purpose?